Jean Paul Gaultier 'Le Male Popeye Eau Fraiche' Aftershave - Review

Hello beauties!
Today is my first interview on my blog and it's with my lovely big brother, Ian. After I reviewed my Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau Fraiche Betty Boop my Mum bought my brother the male version and I asked if he would mind if I wrote up a few questions on what he thought so I could do a review type post but in an interview format, and here we are!
These are the six questions I asked Ian and his thoughts on the product in question

What Did You Think Of The Packaging Of The Jean Paul Gaultier Aftershave?
In my opinion even though the metal tin appears to be steady and well crafted, it's a bit too big and clumpy for my taste. I guess the tin is a way of protecting the product itself if it should fall, however it's simply not cost efficient and is a waste. 

As for the design and packaging of the bottle I liked the transformation from the original packaging and found it inventive. The way they combined both brands Jean Paul Gaultier and Popeye together was a cleaver tactic to make a vintage product upto date. The bottle appears masculine as it's the male physique which features Popeye on a teal coloured bottle, for me it stands out from other brands. 

What Was Your Opinion Of The Scent And Did You Find It Lasted?
I much preferred this to the original scent of Jean Paul Gaultier and thought the improvement was noticeable. I couldn't exactly put my finger on the all different mixes of smell, though I'm nearly certain one was mint! The main aspect I liked was how light the fragrance was as I often find Jean Paul Gaultier quite potent whereas I could definitely wear this version for daytime use. Even though the fragrance felt incredible airy, the smell seemed to last for a few hours at least and I did receive a few nice comments about the scent. 

Were You Already A Fan Of Jean Paul Gaultier?
I was a fan of their clothing range and I do have a couple of their beauty products too, but like mentioned above I often found their cologne much too strong and overwhelming smell for me, which is why I was surprised how much I liked this aftershave. As this brand is on the expensive price range I don't tend to nip out and buy lots of items from them, though it's always nice to get treated on special occasions!

Did The Icon Used (Popeye) Influence You To Try The Aftershave?
Not particularly, I'm a 'grown ass man' so Popeye wouldn't have much of an influence on whether I personally bought this product. I'm more likely to go on previous thoughts on a brand or reading reviews on what others experienced rather than what's endorsing it. Saying that however, I can see why this character would be used to advertise this type of product and maybe the younger generation may find him appealing and may be more influenced to buy the aftershave. 
Why Do You Think Popeye Was Chosen To Be The Face Of The Product?  
I think Popeye was cleaverly picked for many reasons, he's seen as a strong powerful man that meets lots of different women and leads an eventful life.He's  promoted to be a masculine character so it's good advertisement for Jean Paul Gaultier as men may be influenced by him to purchase this product. Also a sailor reflects back to Jean Paul Gaultier as their original icon was also a sailor. 

Finally, Would You Repurchase This Product?
I think I'd definitely buy this product again as I feel this is the perfect daytime scent, from work use to casual everyday wear. Honestly it has to be said this has changed my views on the fragrance side of Jean Paul Gaultier. Even though my Mum bought this product I feel it was worth the price as you don't have to wear too much to be able to get the scent, so this will last me a while; some aftershaves need lots of product for you to be able to smell them, especially after an hour or so meaning in the longhaul you're paying more!

Product Info:
This was bought at SuperDrug for £61.00

I just want to thank Ian for taking the time to answer these questions, even if I did have to pad out some of his answers..  I hope you all found this interview helpful and maybe it has given the ladies some ideas what to get the men in your lives this Christmas!

What do you think of Ian's first review?
Would you wear/buy this aftershave?


  1. 61 quid?! I will be using this sparingly from now on��

  2. Love the packaging design on this! Loved the post! x


  3. Jus have to say I love the smell of Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes. I bought one for my brother for his birthday and it smelled delish!
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    1. Aw thank you for taking time to read and comment on my post chick

  4. I LOVE Jean Paul Gaultier!! This had made me need to go and try this!!
    Well done!


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