Kat Von D 'Vixen Lip Duo' - Review

Hello lovelies 
This is going to seem pretty late in the day considering I'm going back a few months, however for my birthday my brother and his wife spoilt me by buying two Kat Von D lip products for me, I was absolutely thrilled as I'd completely forgot that was what I'd mentioned I would have loved! At the time KatVonDBeauty wasn't available in the UK so I believe it was rather a nightmare to get it, however they did and I was beyond thrilled. 
I was lucky enough to not just get one product but two; Studded Kiss in a lovely subtle nude was accompanied by the Everlasting Lipstick in a blood like red shade. The pack I received was the Lip Vixen Duo which meant you got the pair for one. After completely forgetting I'd even asked for one I was more than pleased finding I had two! To kick the review off I'm going to begin with my Everlasting Liquid Lipstick 

Liquid lipsticks have definitely been a hot favourite lately, although even after hearing so much positive press about them I still wasn't completely sure. What's different to regular lip gloss? Why are these so popular lately? I don't think I would have ever actually gone out my way to purchase one if it wasn't for Kat Von D. After finding out she had a beauty range I regularly checked her site, she's definitely my type of girl with her pale skin and dark lips, I was always on the hunt for a vampire shade and I knew her range was the one for me! 

The liquid lipstick I received was Outlook which is a lovely red, I did have my eye on Vampira however in the duo you are given Outlaw, I think this is because it's definitely a more diverse shade by being bright and a more cheerful colour. This shade is one of twenty nine stunning colours, in my opinion Outlaw being the most versatile. In the duo set my product was a mini, this meant it's a dainty size and is perfect for popping in your handbag on a night out! I would say the casing was somewhat detailed gothic packaging however not too in your face and over the top making it very true to Kat Von D. 

So now onto the actual product, after reading multiple reviews I was so excited to test out my birthday present and honestly it did not let down its name! I didn't have a lip liner that matched this shade so it had to be applied free hand, which to my surprise went without hesitation; liquid lipsticks have a reputation of being extremely difficult to apply however for my first try I found it actually easier going than most other lip products. 

The real question however is how did it dry and was it really 'everlasting'? Well I found it dried really well, it took maybe a minute or so before it was completely dry but once it was, there was no budging. With it being a matte lipstick it's meant to be dry and flat to your lips, for some this isn't the look they aim for however I much prefer that feeling and Everlasting lipstick is honest to the matte form. With some lipsticks I find they don't want to sit in the corner of my mouth however Kat Von D's stayed there all night. I must be honest and say after a few hours I stopped checking my lips though the last time I had looked it was still as it had been applied. 

As Christmas is coming upon us I'm hoping to see more of these wonderful everlasting products as in my opinion they're up there with the best of quality!

Time to review my second product; the Studded Kiss in the naked shade of Noble, which is a skin-like pink colour. Held inside a black spiked case that contradicts the soft virgin shade that's inside; again the sizing is mini but it certainly doesn't take away the fierceness of the rock chick casing. Noble is the palest shade of forty two colours and is suited for any skin, hair and make-up colour. 
When applied it feels like soft velvet massaging your lips as it glides so easily! Not only is your touch sensation pleased but also your smell as the scent of this lipstick is divine. Nude isn't exactly my go to colour as I much prefer a bolder shade, this may be the reason I'm not as big a fan of the studded lipstick however I do think it's fabulous to keep your lips moisturised, soft and smooth. Like the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick this is matte which helps the moisture sink into your lips and stay on a touch longer, however after a few hours it does need reapplication. 
Outlaw                                                                              Noble

I feel the pairing of the duo has been well thought out as you have soft shade which has a more daytime feel to it which is obviously the Studded Kiss, however you also have a bold shade that could work well for nights. These two lip products are high quality and I'd definitely repurchase them in a range of shades. If that wasn't enough positivity for you, like all products of Kat's this is animal cruelty free and vegan friendly!

The Lip Vixen Duo doesn't seem to be available on Kat's official site however you can find it on EBay for £22.95, which in my eyes is a reasonable price, however I do know that some places are selling this for over £60 and honestly I think that's far too expensive for any beauty brand!

What do you think of this Vixen Lip Duo?
Have you tried it before?


  1. I loved this review! I've never tried any Kat Von D beauty products but i absolutely adore her as a tattoo artist; I actually have her autobiography - which is surprisingly good.

    mia // https://okaaythen.com

  2. This set would be perfect as a Christmas gift! Both the liquid lipstick and the lipstick look lovely :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  3. I recently got my first Kat Von d lipstick and I'm in love with it and I formula to be beautiful! Noble looks like an amazing shade, great review x

  4. These are perfect!!! I'm so obsessed and these have been on my wishlist for soo long. Great review x
    Robyn// http://www.midnightandlace.co.uk/

  5. These look soooo nice!! Great review lovely xx

  6. Really great review! I definitely want to try some of the KatVon D products xx

  7. Girl, KAT VON D is always a great idea! These shades look beautiful & I want to try them! I have a purple shade matte lippie that I absolutely love! This brand is the bomb.com!! Great post.