Britney Spears 'Private Show' Perfume Set - Review

Hello my beauties!
Since my high school years fragrances by Britney Spears have always been close to my heart. They're very much my 'go-to' scent, and when I post one of her products on my social media I often find this is the case for others too! Not long ago I find Britney had a few new fragrances out and the one that caught my eye was Private Show, which I'm going to be reviewing today! 

Indy Luxe 'Merbabe Collection' - Review

Hello beauties!
One thing I've always been pleased with is I wasn't one of those people who bought make-up brushes for the fun of it, for me they were simply tools that helped me create make-up looks. Obviously, judging by this post, things have drastically altered-can you blame me though? Just look at the exquisite Merbabe collection from Indy Luxe. 

Making The Most Of Summer

Hello lovelies! 
As I sit typing my posts up it's quite easy to conclude we're approaching Autumn; the skies are darkening, my fur blanket is close by and The Addams Family live is regularly being advertised. If you're like me Autumn is your favourite time of year, you're a big kid and Halloween is still your favourite night ever! News flash though-we're not even half way through Summer!

A Day At Chester Zoo

Hello my lovelies!
Lately I've been aware many of my posts are very much beauty based however one thing I love about having a blog is being able to look back at important days and reminding myself of times. This is why I thought I'd go back to the style of post I used to write when I started my blog today. My trip to the zoo yesterday was the ideal excuse to type up a chattier lifestyle post for my online diary!  

Summer Beauty Wish List

Hello my beauties
I'm one of those girls that when it comes to buying make-up and beauty products I stick to what I know. Lately however I'm wanting to broaden my make-up game and put a little more umf into my looks.  To do this I'm wanting to explore products that aren't accustomed to my make-up bag and gain knowledge in the use of them.

Anna Sui Haul

Hello beauties 
Since creating my blog I have to throw my hands up and say I've fell victim of blogging trends, especially in the beauty world. There's been so many products I've spent money purchasing simply because it was a 'blogger fave'. When my Mum ordered me a haul of Anna Sui products from BeautyBay, I was so excited to try out a new brand that you don't hear about in every beauty post you read!

I'll Still Buy Edited Or Not

Hello my beauties
I love drama. Not personally getting involved in drama, but just the moaning of others. It makes for a bloody good blog post. So when it all kicked off Saturday night, surrounding a brand not declaring that they edit their product advertising, I was rubbing my hands together and planning today's post.