Out In Autumn

Hello lovelies! 
For today I felt like speaking about one of my favourite things to do around this season which is going on Autumn walks and also taking in the surroundings. I've never really thought about enjoying going out as the weather is cooling as it's just always been a natural thing to do, however this year I'm realising just how much of a fan of Autumn I actually am and the beauty it holds.
Admittedly I am quite lucky where I live, it's by a king sized woods and there are lots of lanes around that you can take by foot, though some are a little too challenging with being in the wheelchair and can be rocky however after living here for over eleven years we have now found the most secure routes to take. With having dogs to walk all my life there has always been a good excuse to have a little wander round the area. 

I think I favour this time of the year as it reminds me of being young and going out around Halloween and Bonfire Night, doing fun activities in school and also with my family. From my Nan and Grandad collecting conkers for me to play in my primary school playground to going Trick or Treating with my sister every year for at least eight years. It's funny how the slightest thing such as a colour of a leaf can bring back so many memories!

There are a few similarities that still frequently happened, such as when I put my coat on it's like a huge safety blanket, it's there to keep you snug and cosy, however you also feel safe in it too. As the nights become chilled and darker I always feel there's a fright in the air, which relates back to being a child at Halloween. Where as in the summer it's light until at least 9pm, now if you're going for a walk at tea time it's more than likely going to be dark when you return, which I love, I love the spooky feel that Autumn nights bring with them. 

Now you know what I find appealing about walking in Autumn, I'm going to share with you some of the places around my area and also in my garden that look picturesque at this time of year, maybe then you could get a taste of why I'm loving taking walks recently and will start exploring the grounds around your house also!
This is one of the easiest path to travel on in a wheelchair because as you can see it's a lovely smooth lane, which is why I've been taking walks here recently. The scenery around this area is beautiful, creating a country side feel and even for a few minutes you can forget where you are. It has a ghostly atmospheric sense to it too, such as a long winding road with plenty of trees surrounding it's an ideal area for Autumn walks. Whilst traveling down the lane you meet a vibrant building, as this shot was captured I realised the colours on the building were Autumn shades, which is why I had to involve the photo in this post somewhere. 
In these photos you can see an area in my garden that's fairly new, my Dad has carved this seat out of a tree trunk for me to sit in the garden with him. It reminds me of something you would find in a fairytale story, as it's amongst all the trees and as you can see there is a pathway that leads to the top of our garden.  As the nights grow darker I think this would be a lovely place to sit and watch the bats appear and play, maybe with a hot chocolate and a warm coat. 
I like this photo I got of this little girl statue in the garden, we've had her a few years now, I remember my Nan and Grandad bought it for my Mum and Dad as it reminded them of me. I think this fits in nicely with not only the Autumn theme but also the fairy tale idea too. The way she's blowing a kiss and appears to be in the middle of the forest is perfect for these dark nights coming. On the photograph there seemed to be a haze that reminds me of the fog that starts appearing over the October/November months. 

These are many reasons I'm enjoying Autumn this year,
what are you enjoying about Autumn at the moment?
Let me know in the comments 
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  1. The chair that the chair that your dad made for you is soooo cute! I love the fairytale garden look and I think in Autumn the atmosphere sitting outside is so nice? I also used to collect conkers with my grandparents and I still collect some now days when I see them X

  2. Looks wonderful! :-)

    ~ Jasmin N

  3. Love these photos looks so peaceful. Pixie x www.pixieox.co

  4. I love your photos!! I just love autumn it's one of the best times of the year!! X