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Hello darlings! 
This isn't generally something I'd share on here as I feel everyone has their personal beliefs and ideas on this subject, however with Halloween coming up and everyone likes to get a little creepy around this time I thought some of you would be intrigued and may enjoy this post, though before we begin understand I am not trying to scare, convert or anything else. 
Okay, that's not the best opening for a post but I thought it was important for you to know I'm not fooling around to try and spook my readers, however in my house for quite a while I have been getting horrible sensations, like I'm being watched. It generally happens when my Mum and Dad nip out or I'm in the living room by myself, I just feel as though I'm being stared at or I can just sense something is there, but I don't know what. The setting of our house is as soon as you come through the hall you come face to face with the living room, so from where I sit the sensation is up by the front door. 

I say this is a new feeling, however thinking back a good few years I can recall sitting on the couch and my Mum saying 'Why do you keep looking up the hall? Is there somebody there?' but my reply was always the same 'No.' because there's not. There is nobody in my house, I've never seen anyone or really heard anyone, but I'm just drawn to this spot, and the feeling in my stomach when I sense it makes me freezing. 

On Tuesday night I felt this, again my Mum and Dad had took the dog for a walk and I was finishing my blog post, someone walked to the door and I anticipated the knock, it didn't come. So I looked up and there was no one there, I put it down to just one of them things, until the exact same thing happened less than two minutes later, this time I watched the door for a second now worried that a person waiting, there wasn't. 

I tried to ignore the feeling washing over me but I was really starting to freak now, I went into my Nans room, meaning I had to go past the door and then the window where I would be able to spot someone if there was a person, however there actually wasn't anybody around. When I got to my Nan and explained why I was hiding in her room she said it was probably just my Grandad watching out for me, which I could say didn't help the feeling of it being an actual spirit or an unknown presence. 
Sometimes I wonder if it's my mind playing tricks on me, and I guess I'll never know for sure, however generally it happens when something is on my mind or I've been speaking about the subject with someone but this seems to happen at any time and it completely washes over me.

Have you ever felt anything similar to this?
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