October Book Series Recommendations - Mediator By Meg Cabot

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Following the Halloween theme from Fridays post I'm going to be doing my monthly book recommendations, today is obviously for October and I thought to get us all in the Halloween, scary mood I'd recommend a paranormal series! It's Meg Cabot's Mediator, a young adult spooky-romance. 
I read these stories as a young teen and remember falling in love with the two main characters, for a while I classed them as my favourite books. Two years ago I decided I wanted to reread them, see if now I was older whether they'd still be as good of read, and honestly they were! Sure they might not be quite as dark or involved as the last few series I've posted on here but as a Halloween read I definitely recommend them.
Love You To Death/Shadowland (Book 1)
When Suze moved to a new house, she hoped it would mean fresh starts too, when she realises she has a dead roommate it looks like things aren't going to be that easy. Being a mediator, this is not a shock for Suze, she's used to speaking to the dead however Jesse isn't her usual spirit, not only is he the best looking boy she might have ever seen, he also doesn't seem to need her help which is something all spirits go to her for. This is a relief for Suze, the last thing she needs is to help another ghost move on to the other side. 

Things aren't that easy at her new school though, Suze is in the way of a ghost who has her revenge already planned. 
High Stakes/Ninth Key (Book 2)
Things are going Suze's way since her move to California, from parties to getting asked out on dates by Tad, the most popular boy in her school. Suze is so excited she's willing to ignore the worries she has about her date, which is mainly the fact he's not Jesse, however unlike Jesse her date seems actually interested in her, and he's not a ghost, which is always good. 

Unfortunately what Suze can't ignore is the ghost of a murdered woman, whose death seems to be connected to her dates past. 
Mean Spirits/Reunion (Book 3)
When the spirits of four teenagers who were killed in a car crash are out for blood, it's only Suze who can prevent it. The four souls blame Michael, a classmate of Suze and they'll stop at nothing until he's in the realm of the dead with them. 

As Suze battles the group one by one she soon starts understanding their anger, and realises the death may not have been an accident after all. 
Young Blood/Darkest Hours (Book 4)
When Suze is woken up with a knife against her throat she knows this is no ordinary visit. Maria was to be married in her life, and not just to anyone, she was Jesse's fiancé. The same Jesse Suze seems to have grown rather fond of. 

Maria is adamant the back garden construction must cease and Suze is pretty positive of the reason what or who Maria doesn't want discovered, but does Suze really want to solve the death of her roommate, knowing that could be reason he's still around?
Grave Doubts/Haunted (Book 5)
When Suze meets fellow mediator Paul, she knows he should be the type of person she's meant to be with, however what happens when you love a man who's already dead and gone? 

Paul promises not to send Suze's love to the other side, but she must do something for him, let him take her out on a date. However even if Paul keeps to his word, how can a relationship exist if one person is already dead? 
Heaven Sent/Twilight (Book 6)
Suze is used to ghosts now, she talks to many in a day, she's a mediator after all. So what wasn't supposed to happen was to have her heart stolen by one. However the more Suze learns about her skill, the more decisions she has to make. After learning she can alter who becomes a ghost, which means she can choose to alter history, and stop murders of ghosts she's become to love. 

If someone was never murdered, they'd never meet Suze. Will a ghost choose to live without her, or die to love her?

As I was doing research for this post I discovered there has been a few more books added to this series, however most of them are extras (0.1..), which I've never read. So I've left this post with just the books I've read so far, however I may come back and update the post! (I'm so excited to read the new books now!). If you just read these books listed above they will make perfect sense, so I've technically not left this post unfinished. Also, if you're wondering why the books have two titles it's because the first is UK and second is US. You can find more Meg Cabot books on her website here

Have you read the Mediator series?
What will your Halloween read be?
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  1. These sound interesting. I've always bypassed her work but I might have to grab one!

    S .x http://ramblingsofayoungprgirl.blogspot.com

  2. Yes! I loved Meg Cabot books when I was younger. I recently picked up her newest Princess Diaries book and it brought back so many good memories.


    1. Thank you for your comment!
      I've never read Princess Diaries, I may have a nose and see if I fancy the look of them.