My Halloween Weekend

Hello lovelies! 
Happy Halloween!! I've been playing with ideas for my final Halloween post however I just couldn't think of anything as today is the last day of Halloween, however I thought I'd simply do a 'What I Did This Weekend' similar to my Weekend Wildness post I did when I very first started my blog!  
On Wednesday I got invited to a Halloween party that was taking place on Saturday, it's my brothers best friends family and they host one every year. I love Halloween as we all know by now so I was undoubtedly going to go, particularly as I hadn't seen anyone since our holiday and a family party that we had in the summer so it would give us chance to have a yatter and catch up whilst being dressed up too, what more could you want?

I had a handful of days to sort out my costume, however after having a look at a couple of different outfit ideas I decided I'd use one of my sisters old dance dresses and embellish it. As it was a long white gown I thought the perfect character would be a bride, therefore I went as the bride of Frankenstein! All I had to buy was something to keep me warm over the top of it, which ended up being a ghost costume that I slashed and sported as a long jacket.

Another accessory I appended was a piece of white hair to attach into my own which is the symbolism of the bride of Frankenstein. This took a while finding as most places just offered white hairspray which I didn't want as it would make my hair greasy and would need to be washed out. After inspecting a few places I got this from a wig shop and then personalised it to the right width so it wasn't too broad against my own dark hair.
The binding thing needed was my make-up done which my Mum did for me. Even though my Mum isn't a make-up artist by any means, once she's got into her head how to reproduce a style of make-up she can come up with some shattering looks! At first I wasn't completely sure as I'm used to my customary look as I often prefer a more natural make-up, however looking back on the photos it looks as though it's been professionally done! As you can see on these photos we also added some stick on grazes that looked so authentic and set the whole outfit off. 
After spending the afternoon getting prepared, it was finally time for the party. I knew I wasn't going to be getting too drunk that night, predominately because the last few times I'd gotten together with everyone, I'd be far too drunk and was still feeling sheepish of how emotional I'd gotten. It was time I proved I could handle my drink, or at least pretended I could.. After seeing everyone in their costumes we played some games and then had some snacks too!

It was lovely seeing everyone and just getting out the house for the night!

Today I've been on a pumpkin hunt in some of the supermarkets, as it's actually Halloween you would surmise everywhere to be stocked up with pumpkins, but no! I love carving pumpkins so I was intent I was going to find one somewhere! Luckily Sainsbury's still had a few in so before I settled down to type up this post my Mum carved ours for me. In my opinion it was slightly flat compared to last years however it still had the use we needed so there's no protests needed! 

As faces on pumpkins are so commercial last year and this year I have had a design which is a little unique and different. Last year we decided on a star and moon and this year we attempted to create a bat; I think last year came out slightly more recognisable however the bat was still adorable and my Mum drew a cute little face on, we'll leave out the fact it looks more like our Marley's face than an actual bats.. 
I've had such an exciting weekend and enjoy getting into the Halloween spirit (honestly, no pun intended)! This is also my last Halloween post for this year, so I hope everyone has enjoyed reading them! 

What did you get up to this weekend?
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