I'm An Aunty Again

Hello my lovelies! 
I'm so excited to share this extra special post with you all, I literally could not be more delighted if I tried! I'm now an Aunty of two!! Yes, on Friday at 17:38 my beautiful niece entered the world weighing 7.2, she is absolutely gorgeous and perfect in every single way. Her name is Ava Rose Allan and I adore her name too, I think it's so pretty and really suits her. 

Ava arrived a week earlier than expected as she was due on the 30th of September however my sister wasn't too well and had sky high blood pressure so they had to induce and start her off prematurely to be safe. The labour began at 1 o'clock in the morning so my sister had a rather traumatic time and it was unnerving for all of us waiting for news. I think we were all relieved when the pair of them were both safe and sound. Any birth is nerve wrecking but as throughout the birth my sister hadn't felt her best I think everyone was on edge and couldn't wait for Ava to arrive. 
My Mum, nephew and I were the first to introduce ourselves to her on Friday night which was such an honour. My nephew is five years old and he was so excited to be a big brother, he was scampering round the house shouting 'I'm going to be a big brother', it was so cute. Ava looks a lot like Joshua, her Dad sent me a photo of her before I went up the hospital and none of us could get over the similarities of both of them! They have their Dads shaped mouth and eyes but their hands and feet are more like our side of the family, and I'm not being biased.. but they're gorgeous. 

At this point in time you can't work out her features such as hair and eye colour just yet, everyone is born with blue eyes and as for her hair you're not supposed to wash a baby's hair for a few days. This is because the gel like substance on the hair has natural nutrience in and helps moisture the skin, however it does seem to be a dark colour so maybe she will take after Aunty Charlotte and be a brunette! She could be any colour though as we have blonde and red in our families too. 
Ava is so special, as we've been through some heart ache over the last few years so now it finally feels like something has gone right so now it's as though she's like our little present for getting through it all and has made it worthwhile. I did get a little emotional when I first met her, she's the first girl since I was born and I think everyone was a little anxious after my birth, so when I knew she was here and was as perfect as she is, it was just a sigh of comfort and relief.

As I've never had the privilege to have a little girl around it's so sweet to see all the feminine and girly touches, from her outfits to her accessories, it's so exciting. I feel incredible lucky to have a nephew and now a niece to love and smoother with kisses and cuddles. With Joshua the years seem to have flown over so I'm promising myself I will savour every moment of Ava, even when she's screaming at three in the morning for a feed! 

After meeting this little princess I can truly say I'm a believer in love at first sight, she's the most precious thing in the world. 
I hope you enjoy this post and my little introduction to Ava
See my three favourite photos here


  1. Ava is such a lovely name, and she's sooooo adorable! You must be such a proud Auntie! How much you love her is really clear from your post! ❤️ Her little girly outfits are the cutest, she's very lucky to have such a doting Auntie!

    Abbey ✨ www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. Thank you for taking time to comment Abbey, she's even more gorgeous now!

  2. Aww Congrats! I agree, Ava is a gorgeous name :)
    Morgan | www.justmorgs.com

  3. She is absolutely adorable! I cannot wait to be an aunt but I think I'll be that aunt that spoils them rotten haha!