Five Emojis I Want Created

Hello lovelies
With the iPhone being updated just last week I thought it would be the optimum  opportunity for this type of post. I have often hunted page after page to find the perfect emoji for my text/tweet only to find my ideal one doesn't even exist! Today I wanted to share with you the emojis I would create if I was in charge of Apple! 

These are my five emojis/emoji features that I would love to be invented someday as they would be so useful for my quirky messages! 

1. Wheelchair 
First and foremost, there is no wheelchair emoji! Sure they have the monochrome disabled display sign but that's hardly modern or the twenty first century. I think they should introduce maybe a little princess emoji in a wheelchair to show just because you may be in a chair doesn't mean you can't be a princess. In fact they don't have any disability emojis that I can think of, if you can make a money emoji with a green tongue surely you could at least make a upto date wheelchair! It would help bring people with disabilities in to society more too.
2. Changing Lips/Nails
The same as you can alter the skin and hair colour on the people emojis, I think you should have a selection for changing nail and lip colours too. Not every girl wants a pink manicure each day, we like to mix it up a little and have red or even purple some days. iPhones should cater for the Mortica's of the world instead of just the Barbies!

3. Mermaid 
Everyone loves a mystical creature don't they? When the unicorn was first launched as an emoji I was so excited and to this day it's still my favourite. We could have an enchanting sparkly lady in beautiful colours, I'd love to see a half princess half fish next to the shell. Life should be about the unknown and the magical creatures, the best things are the things we have yet to see in my opinion! 
4. Beauty Emojis 
Every time I want to promote a beauty post or just pop something feminine and girly into an Instagram caption I have to use the same lipstick emoji as they don't have any other beauty related smileys. It wouldn't be too hard to manufacture a perfume bottle or even a mascara shape and I'm sure it would get a warm welcome! It gets a little repetitive having to use the same thing everyday.

5. Black Heart
Every bitch needs a black heart emoji. Sometimes we have a dark day and the blood red just isn't moody for us to use. Whilst we have all colourful hearts I know the favourite on my list would without a doubt be the sinful black. Have you noticed a pattern? There's no emojis to represent the depressed or the unconventional girly girl.  
There are a few more emojis that I would love to invent and see my my emoji collection however I thought I'd stick to just my five most wanted today. I'm pretty sure these five would have a space in my 'Frequently Used'. 

Is there any emojis you'd like to see? Let me know in the comments
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  1. ❤️ Wah I want a black heart emoji SO bad!!

    Mel ★

    1. They must have read this post because now there is one;)!
      Thanks for commenting chick!

  2. This made me laugh, I still find it nuts that we only just got an avocado emoji though!


  3. I looooove your ideas, Charlotte! I completely agree that a better wheelchair emoji needs to be created - it's important to feel inclusive and everyone to be represented, even in emoji form! 🙌🏼 I would really love a black heart emoji as well, it'd definitely represent my personality better hahah 😈

    Abbey ✨

  4. Loved this post so much! 100% agree with all of them i mean come on Apple wheres the black heart emoji for us unconventional girls!!


    1. At last there is one!
      Thanks for commenting chick!