Autumn On The Porcelain Doll

Hello lovelies! 
True to The Porcelain Doll style, I had to post something Autumn themed today as yesterday was the first day of Autumn! I love Autumn, even though I much prefer the summer months with hotter days and shorter nights, there's something about Autumn that excites me! In this post I wanted to let you know what you can expect this Autumn on The Porcelain Doll.
So the main thing I simply can't wait for is to update my beauty and make-up routine, I have to admit darker make-up is my ultimate favourite! I plan on doing a selection of looks, tips and the best products to use for the chilly breeze eye watering season ahead. Also, I don't know about you but my skin always seems to be affected by this coldness so I'm going to be helping you save your skin from drying up by recommending my Autumn skin care regime. 

Other than beauty I will forever love jumper dresses and over the knee boots that were invented for September to December. I will be showing my outfit of the month and hopefully adding the Autumn twist to them so if you're stuck what to wear now we are past Summer, there will be something to inspire you on here!

The inner child inside me is the reason I'm thrilled it's Autumn and that's because I love Halloween and Bonfire Night! This means you can expect lots of posts related to this events, from fancy dress costume and make-up ideas to supernatural experience I will be posting it all! Need a plan for one to celebrate Halloween? The Porcelain Doll blog is the place to be. 

Plenty of tutorials and recipes too. It's time to put away the lettuce and start gathering your broth ingredients. Autumn is the time to make lovely hot food that will warm you up and I will be supplying you with unique food ideas! Tutorials will include pumpkin carving, how to decorate a house for Halloween and foods to prepare for watching the fireworks. 

Need some scary books or films to get your teeth into before the scariest night of the year? I will be recommending my all time classics guaranteed to have you hiding under the covers all night! If scary isn't your thing or you have children to cater I shall be suggesting some child friendly reads and films too!

Autumn can also come along with some negatives, maybe the cold weather just isn't for you and you've got the summer blues? You may be in need of a few ways to pick yourself up? Well keep an eye out for how to focus on the positives of the cooler weather and enjoy it too! 

Too cold to venture outside? This is the blog to see how to have the perfect night in. Whether it's alone or a girls night in, I'll be telling you what my favourite thing to do for a cosy night in! From the perfect place to buy comfy pj's to my top ten series I love to binge watch on! 

Hopefully this has got you excited to read The Porcelain Doll this Autumn and will have you checking back in with me some time soon! I can't wait to start my Autumn update on here and I hope you all love it too.

Do you like Autumn? What do you have planned to do?
Let me know in the comments

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  1. I can't wait for all these posts to come out: you have so much planned! I love getting my winter coats, scarves, and boots out - so cozy - oh and a dark lip of course.