Five Ways To Feel Beautiful

Hello lovelies! 
This is my first collab and it's even more special as it's with the gorgeous Lauren from loulabellerose. We've decided to do five tips to feel beautiful. I thought this would be a handy little post, I love adding some beauty into my everyday life, whether it's just a touch or going all out. Together we've collaborated and put ten of our favourite ways to feel beautiful. 
We all have them days when frankly we feel anything but beautiful, so we decided to help you feel your best, even on your worst days. I wanted to choose five effortless tips that won't take too much time that you may not have however there are a few that will help free your mind and put some love and care back into you. 

The five things that help me feel beautified are listed below 

A Spray Of Perfume-
No matter what, even when I'm ill and haven't brushed the rats tails that is my hair in days, I always have some perfume on. Personally perfume is the perfect way to add a touch of beauty into everyday life. If I'm just lazing around at home I use one of my smaller tester bottles that I have a collection of, that way you're not wasting your favourite fragrance yet you still have a gorgeous essence around you. 

A Bold Lip-
The perfect way to add a splash of confidence is a lipstick that will turn heads. Not only does confidence improve how beautiful you feel but so can the feel that people notice something about you. A reason I love rocking a bright lip is because your teeth instantly look whiter; let's not lie, when you're smile is the feature that people are drawn to, you will feel one hundred times more beautiful. 

Fresh Eye Brows-
When you've got caterpillars living on your face you're not going to have the best ambience are you? Having freshly plucked or waxed eyebrows is a simple way to feel on top form and a lot more primed then you would if you didn't have them groomed. Your face feels fresher and I always find my make-up sits better on my face. I aim to keep on top of my brows as they can effect your outlook and view of how you feel about yourself.

Shaved Legs-
Even if you're the only person who's going to appreciate them, silky legs will always give you the beautiful feeling we all need from time to time. After I've taken time to care for my legs I love to wear something that will showcase them. I always feel so much more glamorous and femine once my legs are hairless, I'm ready to get dressed up and have a night out! 

A New Bubble Bath Set-
Nothing beats the fresh feeling that a new bath set can give, when the bubbles are really frothy and perfect for a relax in the bath. I love just lounging around bathing in a bath full of bubbles, not only will it be a perfect pamper for your body, it also gives your mind some well deserved me time and try to focus on yourself, even for half an hour. I always feel so much better after a soak which also effects how beautiful I feel. 

I hope this helps the next time you're feeling anything less than gorgeous, I'm sure these tips will work just as well for you as they do me, however if you need more don't forget Lauren's post too! (Plus you can follow her on Twitter, BlogLovin and Instagram.)

What makes you feel beautiful?
Tell me in the comments.
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  1. I love this post! I especially love having fresh eyebrows too, I don't have to walk around trying to cover them up with my fringe haha!xx


    1. Thanks for your comment chick!
      Aw hahah, I can't even hide mine with a fringe haha

  2. Loved this post Charlotte! Self care is so important and it can really help you feel better on a down day! There's nothing better than a new bath set in my opinion too! 💖

    Abbey ✨

    1. Thanks Abbey!
      So true, I love a good soak in the bath after a bad day.