Waxing Versus Plucking

Hello chickpeas
Today I'm speaking about the bane of my life, eyebrows. Since the age of fourteen/fifteen I've been going the salon to get my brows waxed professionally. When I first began getting them groomed I would never get them shaped or dyed, I simply get the hairs from under my brow removed. After getting them done I always feel so much fresher and confident and it was my little treat. 
For years I swore by this as it lasted at least a month to six weeks however as of the last year my brows became more important to me so this meant the more I needed them done, as we all know the more you do something the worst in becomes. Since Christmas I found once a month treatment wasn't enough, in fact one week I had to get them done twice as from the Friday to the following Friday they had grown (in fact it looked like I had two eyebrows, it was pretty strange!).

I kept trying to let my brows grow but I just don't feel right without my groomed eyebrows so I was having to go every three weeks, I suppose this isn't too bad however I feel soon I would have been going every other week, meaning I would have been spending £24.00 every month when that should have only been £6.00. My eyebrows weren't anything special after getting them waxed, no one has ever complimented me after just having them done and I could do the same thing at home with a pair of tweezers. 

I have noticed at the moment on adverts for eye beauty products the models such as Gigi Hadid have started to have more 'natural' and a little thicker eyebrows, unfortunally I feel this only works if you're a model yourself as if I try I'd look like a cave woman. My eyebrows are something that give me a little confidence and if they're not up to standard, I just don't feel myself!  

About a month ago was the last time I went and I got a Hi-Brow, in this package I got waxed, threaded, plucked then reshaped and dyed, this was the first time I'd had all this done, when I looked in the mirror I felt like a clown and couldn't wait to get home and try to wash the dye off. I got that package hoping my hair growth would shorten however two weeks later and they were back bushy again. 

Since then I've given up going the salon and have started just plucking when needed, I suppose this is worse as it means I won't be letting my eyebrows get their full growth but I just can't stand having stray hairs popping out everywhere! Maybe I'll find a little secret way to hide them however for now it looks like I'm plucking. I feel pretty disheartened as I always loved going to get my brows done and now it's just another job I have to do at home.

Do you ever get your brows waxed? Let me know what works best
for you in the comments.

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  1. I've never had my brows waxed, I'm always terrified that something will go wrong unless I do it myself 😂 I usually just pluck mine at home as well!

    1. Aw hahah, that can be a worry however I think that's rather unlikely;}!
      Thanks for commenting:)

    2. I get my brows waxed at benefit, and have done for over a year now, growing up I had always been concious of my brows and used to get them threaded (don't inflict the pain on yourself, it didnt last long) and since then they are much better condition, benefit prefer you to grow them out a few weeks before your appointment, so they can start with a 'fresh canvas' honestly the girls at the brow bars are all amazing and they sure know what will work best for your brows! I hope this helps! Im over at www.pinaforesandposies.com, brand new blog so im still learning, but I loved your post 💕