Outfit Of The Month-May Edition

Hello lovelies!
I can't believe it's June already! It's time for my Outfit Of The Month-May Edition.   A while ago I went out with my friend for a few drinks just to the local pub, at the time I really wanted to change my style a little and add a little retro into my outfit. My friend absolutely loved what I was wearing (I even got compared to Dita Von Teese, yayy!). I really do love the fourties style, however I did feel a little over dressed as we only went to our local pub and it's not really the place to be all dolled up.

One thing I love about this outfit is how it made me feel like I was in an episode of Mad Men with an hourglass figure we want all our outfits to give us! That's my favourite aspect of the retro styling, it nips in and flairs out in all the right places to show of all your curves. As you can see by the photos my outfit was pretty tight fitting, this is because being in a wheelchair I always feel more confident wearing more fitted clothing.

Okay to begin with I wore this gorgeous red top which suits the retro style perfectly!  I got it from an online shop called Top Vintage, I love the website as it (as it says in the name) sells lovely retro clothing which are hard to find in your everyday shops. I really like this top as you can dress it up like I have or you could make it more casual with a pair of jeans. The price was £29.22 and comes in lots of different colours such as yellow, blue checked and black with white polkadots.
For my bottoms I wore a knee length black leather skirt from River Island, technically my friend bought me this skirt for my birthday as she gave me a gift voucher to buy something of my choice. The skirt was £32.00 and is so soft and lovely to wear! What I really liked was the fact it had a split up the front just above the knee (pretty much similar to my orange skirt, funnily enough.) which I found really comfortable as sometimes I find mid length things quite restricting when sitting in the wheelchair. Another reason why it was so comfortable was because of the stretchy material that was just elastic so it is perfect for any size and shape, it's very easy to wear as well.
Onto my shoes now, I'll give you a minute to just stare at their beauty.. aren't they amazing? I absolutely love these and truth be told I have another pair in a psychedelic pattern that are just as fabulous! I got these from Amazon and they range in price depending on colour, you can get them for £12.00 however mine were £30.00. Not only do they look like this but they are a dream to wear, now I can't promise you'll find them comfortable as you're most probably going to be walking  round on them so they could hurt but honestly, aren't they worth the pain?

In true retro style I had to have a cute black bag, I got this black shiny leather from Accesserize, in the shop near me they sell lots of gorgeous bags. I picked this one for around £28.00 as it's stylish and works well with any outfit by being simple yet classic. It fastens with a lovely diamond like shutter that adds a little sparkle to the black. To me this is the perfect size handbag by fitting my purse and phone in yet not too big I can't carry it round with me.

Do you like this style of outfit? Let me know in the comments

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  1. THOSE. SHOES. ARE. GORGEOUS! 😍😍😍 I'm so jealous! Can't believe you got them from Amazon! Love these monthly outfit posts, please keep doing them!!

    1. Aww thank you so much chick!
      They are gorgeous, I must say so myself;) hahah.

  2. fab post! I love the top so much and you rock the skirt so well! <3