My Pedicure Review

Hello lovelies,
How are you all? Today I'm writing about my first ever pedicure, which I found to be such a soothing and relaxing experience. Getting a pedicure is a luxury for me as because of my Cerebral Palsy my movement isn't as steady as someone who hasn't got it. The first time I went for a manicure the man who was in the shop refused to do my nails as I was complex with my movements, this really knocked my confidence and I didn't return for any treatment for two years. 

This time I went to a different place, this was called Beauty and The Beast which is located on The Wirral, my Mum and I both booked with the same girl who was called Sophie. My Mum had been to the beauty salon before and already explained about my disability so I think they had an idea. My Mum got her pedicure first, when we entered the room it was every bloggers dream! It was clean and bare however had a few simple props lay around, I said to my Mum I wished I had brought my phone for my camera so I could have taken a few photographs! I'm forever leaving my phone charging at home.

After a second Sophie came back with a choice of bright and dazzling colours for my Mum and I to take our pick from. My Mum decided on a dark Fuchsia with some sparkles mixed in even though I know secretly she would have liked the bubble gum pink, however that had my name written all over it, sorry Mum! I absolutely adore the colour for summer nails and it was definitely going on my toes, it's princessy and so me! However as the seasons change I'm awaiting to test their darker shades. 
As we got chatting to Sophie, I went on to tell her I wished I'd have brought my phone so I could have taken some photos for my blog so I could have reviewed the pedicure, Sophie took an interest in my blog and ask what nichè my blog was, I told her beauty and lifestyle which she thought was marvellous. She had a nephew who does YouTube videos so she was really encouraging and even offered to take some photos for me on her phone which she later emailed over to me.
When it came to my turn I did get a little nervous and found it difficult to position my feet in the right position however as I only need a mini one because my feet aren't as withered and didn't need as much care so Sophie swiftly give them a foot scrub and then proceeded to apply my gel nails. I'm going to be honest and say she was a star, patiently waiting whilst my feet got jumpy and twitched, she then let me rest my feet on her as I got myself steadier. 
Even though I felt I was tricky and I joked that she'd take the day of next time I come in, Sophie was so lovely and was head set she was going to get my nails painted. It really cheered me up and boosted my confidence knowing it is possible I can get my nails done! I know it sounds trivial and petty however disability has ruled my life and does so everyday so knowing I can have the simple treat of a pedicure is one thing I can have for myself!

How do you like pampering yourself? Have you ever had a mani or pedi?
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  1. I'm so sorry that you had such a negative experience with the man from the original pedicure place you tried! It's so sad that he discriminated against you in that way - you don't deserve that treatment at all! 😠 I'm very glad you enjoyed your treatment recently, how sweet of Sophie to take some photos for you! The colour that you picked out is fab, super cute and girly! 💗

    Abbey ✨

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment, it means a lot.
      It's cute isn't it? I'm in need of a fresh one now though:)!
      It really was lovely of her to do that.
      Thanks again for your comment.

  2. that colour is amazing!! I am glad that this experience has been able to make you feel confident about getting another pedicure again! Some people just make the whole experience sometimes!! Tanicici xx

    1. Thankyou for your comment chick!
      They really do indeed