Make Cheese Pizza With Me

Hello lovelies!
Today I'm back with my recipe posts; I've been wanting to do another recipe for a while actually but I've had no idea what to make or what would be useful for you. I'd been trying to think of something most I thought Pizza, I know many people have a love for pizza so I thought that'd be a big hit! Personally I'm pretty boring with what I like with any food, even on my pizza, I prefer the plainest so today I'm just going to be doing a simple cheese pizza.

What You Need-
Tomato Puree. 
Cheshire Cheese. 
Mozzarella Cheese. 
What You Do-
Step One-Warm up the oven.

Step Two-Put your base on an oven plate and spread your tomato sauce evenly onto the puree. 

Step Three-Scatter your Cheshire Cheese evenly over your base

Step Four-Break up the Mozzarella Cheese into smallish pieces and place over your Cheshire Cheese. 

Step Five-Place the pizza in the oven for fifteen minutes to cook. 

Step Six-Let it cool and enjoy! 

Obviously I did I simple yet classic pizza by just using two cheeses however you can choose your own toppings, whether that is bacon, ham ect and add them to the recipe. This is a short quick and easy task that will take no longer then half an hour all in all. I really enjoyed munching the pizza yesterday, it was rather yummy even if I do say so myself! (As a cheeky little treat; this goes down very nicely with a glass of wine!)

I hope you enjoyed my recipe, please leave some comments and
let me know what you think!
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  1. Mmm this looks scrummy! I'm a big fan of just a simply cheese pizza as well - mozzarella cheese is definitely my favourite! 💗💗

  2. omg pizza!! my fave :)

    1. Thanks for your comment, it's the best isn't it?

  3. This looks really good. I bet it would taste amazing with some buffalo mozarella as well, I actually haven't ever heard of Cheshire cheese before!

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      Really? It's quite popular round here.