A Fathers Day Post

Hello lovelies! 
I've completely changed the direction this post was going to take as I just felt it was conventional and had probably been done repeatedly. As Sunday is Fathers Day I'm still going to dedicate this post to my Dad, however instead of rambling on about why I love him and why he's the best Dad in the world..I'm not! Now I love my Dad, I love everything about him because obviously, he's my Dad and you only get one. However, I'm not going to sit here telling you the reasons he's the most incredible Dad in the world because frankly, he's not.. Well.
Today I'm going to explain the three reasons why I find my Dad the most annoying person in this world, why some days I look at him and think 'why won't my Mum divorce you?' but at the same time I can see all the reasons why she married him, why I think he's the most irritating yet perfect Dad anyone could ask for. These three reasons could make me want to leave him on a desert island but then I'd go back for him within the hour. 

1. His Direction Skills
Oh my goodness, he has the absolute worst direction skills anyone could ever have! If we're going somewhere we have to add an extra half hour on, simply because he'll get lost going round around about! There's only one description I could use for his navigation skills and that would be shocking. I think this is something that gets on the majority's of people's nerves, the first thing you recall when you think of my Dad is the time you got lost with him. Unfortunately I inherited this characteristic and probably shouldn't be talking, however this had to be first on my list. 

2. His Worrying
Another attribute I got from him, however unfortunately for myself his worrying evolves from me. He doesn't have much concern for himself or anyone else, in fact you can go as far to say he is pretty laid back; however when it comes to his little girl, panic sets in. 'Where are you going?' 'Are you going to be okay?' and this is only when I'm going to Asda! One day I hope that I find this trait of his endearing, when that will be I'm not quite sure as for now I just find it frustrating! I know it's all about love and he just wants to be sure I'm safe however I wish he'd put a little more trust into me. 

3. He's Always Right
Have you ever met a man that was never wrong? Because let me assure you, I have. My Dad would be right even if he said the sky was red, he'd argue until he thought you were in agreement with him too! Sometimes after you've proven him wrong his point will suddenly change and the argument will be what you've been saying all along. However he's still never wrong, that would be unmanageable! However if you say that to him, that's not correct either, he'll argue he's never right. 
So there you are, the three reasons I have the most annoyingly wonderful Dad! This list could go on for infinity however I just picked my three favoured reasons to keep it short and sweet. I hope my Pops has a fab day on Sunday, as well as all the other Dads out there too! 

Does your Dad have any annoying traits like mine does?
Let me know in the comments. 


  1. This is still a really adorable post, Charlotte! It is definitely not conventional! Really enjoyed reading it! My Dad isn't the best with directions either, when he chose which route we'd take when driving me back to uni one day, it took an extra hour 😂😂 Really enjoyed this post!

    Abbey ✨ www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. Thanks chick!
      Ah it must be a Dad thing ay;).
      Thankyou for commenting