Seven Ways I'm A Mummy's Girl

Helloo beauties!
I had a case of blog-block today, I had no idea what to post about, sure I've got loads of ideas but none of them I fancied writing about, they just felt a little blah. I asked my Mum if she had any ideas and she did, I just didn't fancy them today. After twiddling my thumbs together an idea sprang to me.. I'd write about her! 

Now if you've been nosey enough to read my About Me page you'll of seen I'm a Mummy's girl, and I'm proud! I know a lot of girls say they couldn't be closer to their Mum and they've got the best relationship ever..well I'm sorry to break it to you babe, but you haven't! Plus I also know many people move away from the relationships, well not move away but aren't quite as close when they get to round eighteen, well that's not me, even if I'm married with kids I think we'll still be living with my Mum, well, she can live in the garden shed! To prove how close we are I've written a little list of facts about us.

I Let Her Choose My Clothes. 
Whether it's my outfit for the day or whether it's whilst we're out shopping, if she likes something (99% of the time) I get it because her style sense is on point! She knows I'm a girly girl but she also knows if it looks like something an unicorn threw up it's a nono! I hate going shopping without her and the only time I actually do is at Christmas, when it's for her! 

She Does My Make-Up. 
Oh yeah! I bet your Mum can't contour like a pro..okay neither can mine but you know, she's getting better! I'm really fussy with my make-up but she's my favourite person to do it for me, I've been to make-up artists and then I've come home and told my Mum to make it more 'me' because she's the only one who will do it exactly how I like it!

We Finish Each Others Sentences. 
You know like twins can know what each other are thinking? Well this is my Mum and I, the amount of times in a day we say 'I was just going to say that!' is unreal! We agree on pretty much everything so if I'm thinking something, she's most likely thinking it as well! Also this means we can give each other a look and know what the meaning is. 

She Knows My Type of Boy. 
So I've been on dates before and my Mum will always know if I like them or not just by their style/looks, if she doesn't think I'll like them I won't! Also she'll spot my type probably a mile before I do! If I could send her out to find me someone she'd do a hell of a better job than I would! If my Mum didn't like someone I'd know there was something not right with him and move on..(unless he was really really special!) 

She Takes My Blog Photos. 
I can't take photos because I just wobble and move so she takes them for me, and I'm such a nightmare! With my ocd and the fact the photos have to look perfect it's a very hard job for her, however over the last few weeks she's gotten better and worked out how to use natural light! However if you think my photos are rubbish..don't blame me!

We Never Apologise. 
We don't really argue a lot however when we do we never apologise, I can't remember the last time we have! I'm not saying it's because we don't do anything wrong but because it's unnecessary, we both know the other is sorry and didn't mean what was said. We just start looking at each other and then my Mum's making me something to eat or a drink and then we're back speaking! 

She's My Best Friend.
Sure she can annoy me with her moaning and worrying but my Mum is honestly my best friend and I know I'm hers, I'd truly be lost without her. It annoys my Dad how close we are because I always take her side, though this is because he's a man and is very often in the wrong! I trust her with anything and always take her advice because at the end of the day Mum's know best.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'd love to hear if you and your Mum (or Dad!) are close and some of your little quirks!

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  1. That's so nice to hear that you and your Mum get along so well! My mum is definitely my best friend as well, she knows everything about me and is the only person who I feel like I can completely be myself with.