My Secret Love

Hello my lovelies!

Today I'm going to be showing my nerdy side, one that I haven't spoken about on my blog before and I'm not sure whether I'll ever do book reviews however I quite like the idea of book recommendations. Asides from my love of fashion and make-up and beauty, I have another passion which is reading. I used to love reading as a child however as I got older my time was taken up by school and college, I didn't read for fun anymore, also I stopped exploring my writing skills, which I may speak about in a later post.

Three years ago I left college, and I guess this is when I start feeling down about myself, I was scared of what life had in store for me now I wasn't in education anymore and had nothing to do with my days. For my eighteenth birthday my sister bought me a Kobo, which if you don't know is similar to a Kindle, it can hold one thousand books and is very easy to use. This became my best friend, I read and read to my hearts content and my depression actually eased up, I didn't panic quite as much and if I did I'd just loose myself in a book.

I tend to read books that people may not have heard of, as in they have lots of fans however if I said the name you may not have heard of them. A lot of the books I read are also in series\sequels, these are the two main reasons I don't do book reviews on my blog, because they would constantly need updating. Another reason would be because I tend not to read brand new books unless it's from a series so I don't want to do a review that's been done to death. 

I have read one or two by 'popular' authors, one being PS I Love You and Love, Rosie (also known as Where Rainbows End) by Ceceliar Ahern, I'm not going to lie I did love PS I Love You however as I watched the film like twenty times before reading the book it wasn't as powerful to read where as with Love, Rosie I haven't seen the film so the story had lots of surprises for me, this is the main reason I prefer the lesser known authors, you can create your own story!
My favourite type of reads are chick-lits, I don't tend to read other genres as I'm just not particularly interested in them! As I have read so many books there are a certain few that stand out to me, these are mainly major tear jerkers that stick in my mind as I fall in love with the characters. 

Even though I said at the start of this post this may not be a regular topic, I actually really enjoyed writing this so I  may do some book recommendations as it may give you some new authors to keep an eye out for! If you have a certain type of chick-lit such as funny or sad\stand alone or series please leave me a comment or tweet me and I will give you a few recommendations!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I certainly enjoyed writing it! And like I said let me
know if you want any recommendations.

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  1. I like reading books that haven't been made into films or those with films I haven't seen as well - it lets you imagine how the characters look in your own head, it's much more powerful that way! I think seeing the Hunger Games film before reading the book kinda spoiled it for me a bit! I'd certainly love to see a book review of yours, or some book recommendation posts 'my five favourite books' or something! <33

    1. Ahh actually I watched the Hunger Games so I didn't even bother reading the books then. Thanks for your idea chick, I'll definitely do my five favourite books:)! Xx

  2. I love chick lits! One of my favourites is Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles, have you read it? I loved Where Rainbows End and I did see the film, I thought it would be interesting to see how they adapt the script from letters and notes like it is in the book and I thought it was a good adaption although it did alter a few things but overall it was good :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!


    1. Thankyou for your comment lovely! Nope, I haven't however I shall look it up now:). Ah I have wondered this myself, maybe I will get the DVD and see!
      Hope you do too