Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique Eau Fraiche Betty Boop' - Review

Hello lovelies! 
One of my favourite things in life beauty wise is perfume, perfumes are my thing I have far too many of but can't help buying more, I get a thrill out of trying a new scent, especially as I generally wear the same type of sweet smell so when I try something a little different for me I find it pretty exciting and I always feel a little different and more glamorous. 
My perfume addition is also fuelled by my Aunty, she's the manager at the House of Fraser which means some times she's kind enough to bring me some goodies! I'm lucky enough to try some of the latest perfumes and make-ups! This means I'm never out of perfumes, actually I could probably start my own perfume shop!

Last week I got to try the new Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau Fraiche Betty Boop; which came out this year, this is expensive for me at £67.00 (from the House of Fraser) and I'm not sure I'd pay that for any perfume. However I love this smell, it's hard to describe as normally I just go for sweet scents where as this is different, if you've tried any of the Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes you'll recognise it as a signature scent, it's hard to explain in words however it's got a little bit of everything from musk to flowery but not over powering! I find a little bit goes a long way as I've just squirted a tiny bit now so I could review the smell and it seems like I put my usual amount on which is very good as it'll last quite a while!

The smell reminds me of my Mum and sister as I remember when I was a little girl they used to love this perfume! To me this is a fragrance that women of any age could wear and it will give them the confidence boost they need by being a mixture of flirty and fun yet still classy; the perfect word to describe it I'd say is feminine. I'm not sure if this is an everyday perfume as for me, it feels more of the scent to wear on date night or even a night out with the girls! 

One of the most rememberable aspects is the visuals, for the female scent you have the beautiful hourglass figure and for the male you obviously have the male physique; to me this makes it even more beautiful and goes perfectly with the smell itself. The new perfume is either a Betty Boop bottle for the women and Popeye for the men; I was particularly excited about as it was a little different from the usual bottle. However this lead to other questions such as 'why pick such an odd pairing?' now I'm not particularly into comic strips however if you're going to use Popeye, you'd assume they'd use Olive Oyl, to me this is showing they didn't think she was womanly enough to use as their 'showgirl'. To answer this question as short as possible Betty Boop was in the first ever Popeye strip in 1933; whilst Popeye was at a carnival with Olive Oyl and as Betty was hoola dancing on stage Popeye jumped on stage to join her and this is how they met (Google it if you want to know more!). 
Personally I feel Betty is the perfect icon for Jean Paul Gaultier, from being younger I've always loved her however as I've matured I've realised another side of her, I love her persona on the bottle in the cabaret outfit she is modelling, showing a strong femme fatale and oozing confidence, these are aspects I like to feel when I put on a new scent and I assume others do too! However I'm not quite sure the same can be said about Popeye! (I suppose he's got muscles?)

Over all I'm really excited about this perfume as it appeals to two main senses visual and smell, the little girl in me loves the pink girliness and Betty Boop figure, yet the more mature side feels classy and ready to rock when I wear it. Overall I think is my new favourite for the weekend however expensive it may be!

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  1. Perfume! If I were rich, I'd buy all of them, and heels! Gotta have shoes ya know!

    1. Hahah me too lovely, me too! Ah shoes! Who doesn't love shoes? Thanks for taking time out your day to comment:) xx

  2. I'm not a big fan of flowery scents but a musky one sounds lovely! I am tempted to go into Debenhams and have a little sniff of this perfume ❤️

    1. Do it! It's so nice. If you've tried their other perfumes you'll love this! As always thanks for your comment! xx