Hi lovelies,
Happy Sunday, I hope you're all enjoying your weekend, keep an eye out for tomorrow's post where I'll be telling you all about my weekend!

Today is just a speedy post about my blogging schedule and when I aim to be posting and on what topics. I will never be a blogger that posts everyday as I like to give myself a little time to write posts, take and edit photos and also have a little me time too. I describe my blog as a lifestyle with some beauty and fashion posts too.

In a working week I plan to post three times a week with one beauty post and two lifestyle/fashion posts, depending what I fancy. I can't guarantee I'll do a fashion post every week but I do plan to do them every so often.

So here's my schedule-
Monday-Lifestyle/Fashion. I don't want to promise anything as I'm a ditsy little thing and I get a little confused sometimes planning ahead, however I can promise it will definitely be either a lifestyle such as 'Five Things That Make Me Smile' or fashion post like 'A Vintage Hairstyle For The Modern World'. 

Tuesday-Beauty. This will definitely be a beauty post, either a review, a 'How To' or My Favourite.. the list is endless but it will definitely be about something beauty related. 

Friday-Lifestyle/Fashion. Like Monday this could be either of the two, however if I have done a fashion post on Monday this will definitely be a Lifestyle post, other examples would be personal experiences, my opinions on certain topics.. The list is endless!

I hope this helped and gave you a little idea of my blog and what to expected!

To know more about me why not take a peek at my Three Favourite Photos?

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  1. I think its great to have a schedule so your readers know when to check in and what to expect!
    I usually post on Mondays and Thursdays, but lately I've had a lot to say so its been more regular hehe!